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Book 1 of the new Timeslider Cat series!

Timslider - Book 1

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“Yes, of course: I am a cat…”

With those words we begin to see the world through the eyes of the Timeslider Cat—a super-intelligent, telepathic, time-traveling feline with a scientist’s interest in the human race. And through the Cat’s eyes unfolds the story of Renata Beaumanoir, a beautiful young college teacher with many of the problems common to young college teachers, and one big one that’s not so common: Renata is a vampire.

“Ross delivers a gripping story with a well-developed cast of characters in her debut, but her biggest accomplishment is the novel’s unique and captivating world, as seen through the eyes of a cat. …  At its best, the novel, and its unconventional narrator, provides poignant insights into the human condition in a manner reminiscent of Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief (2006). …
“Cat lovers and vampire junkies will find a special kinship with this genre-bending novel–but other readers may also find themselves eager for the next installment.”  —Kirkus Reviews